The Voice

May. 13, 2019

Good news! I finally got out of my own way! I finally put the voice to sleep that whispers negativity on all of my nascent dreams.
In getting out of my own way I wrote and submitted two monologues to a company that specializes in works created by and for women of color. “The show is called In Full Color” This is the 5th year that this show is being presented. Five years of sharing stories by women of color. The company is run by a wonderful woman named Summer Reyes she’s Asian and Latina.
The stories, poems and monologues will be presented at Nimbus Dance Studio at 165 Newark Ave. Jersey City, NJ.
The show will be presented on June 6th, 7th, and 8th at 8pm and on Sunday June 9th at 3pm.
My piece will be published in an anthology ….yeah…what excitement! And yet I’m still not writing enough, what stops me from fulfilling all that I know I was destined to do? Well, that’s what I’ll be exploring in my monologue The Voice which will be presented by me at the In Full Color!

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