Aug. 10, 2016

It’s been ages since I’ve written anything about myself, the CD, the school, life etc! Now it’s almost time to begin teaching again which means I will be consumed by the children’s needs and I’ll put myself on the back burner. However, I have decided that that’s the procrastinator! I’m kicking you out of my psyche, out of my house, out of my life!  I claim the ability to teach, sing, practice the piano and write daily and still meet the needs of the children. I waste so much time..saying and acting as if I don’t have enough time that in the end I’m just sitting and vegging out. And it shows I’ve gained 10 pounds since September!!! Well the war to save me from myself has begun and as in all conflict I need troops. So, if any one out there wants to join this battle for themselves or just to help me let’s join hands and be the best of ourselves that we can be!


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