You know Who you are!

Sep. 21, 2015

Good morning world!!! You and you know who you are have been wonderfully supportive during my job hunt and this roller coaster of a journey that I’ve been on in the creation of EDGEWALKER! THANK YOU! It’s almost over but we all better cross our fingers that it will be mixed and mastered by the end of the month….next Monday.
Thank you for believing that I could even when my faith was wavering, thank you for believing that the perfect job was a vision away and all I had to do was embrace it, and thank you for keeping me uplifted in your hearts and mind.
I’m on the train to Plainfield on my way to sign my contract for the school year. YEAH!! I’ll be teaching in a school that’s served the children and youth of that community for 50 years. I will be teaching at risk children. At risk for not realizing their full potential for a myriad of reasons. My goal will be to remove the risk of academic failure from the table. My challenge will be honoring the sacred gift of teaching and to live and honor why I was born.. In the past it’s been almost impossible to do both, but guess what if I’ve learned nothing else this year it’s that all things are possible with faith, love, peace and light.
Again, THANK YOU and YOU know who YOU are.
Today let’s all be mindful of what we think and say thoughts and words have power. What we think and say is what will be manifested in our lives.
I love you and I’m sending out a virtual hug.???

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