I came back to this country in Oct. of 2000. I’d been traveling the world, making my living as a musician. But I was lost. I’d hit rock bottom with poor, self-destructive choices. My mother had to pull me out of Guyana, South America, and bring me home.

Even though I had sung at Lincoln Center and on many of the major stages in Europe, when I came home without a pot, a penny or clothes to put on my back, the shame devastated my already damaged spirit. So I did the only thing I could at that time: I decided to play it safe. I recreated myself, putting the musician inside me aside. I began a career in education, and did what it took to make money and survive in America. In the process I became more and more fearful of living my dream: music.

Through every open window, in every church on any given Sunday, I heard voices from the soul that could lift you up beyond the clouds and set you down in a field of hope. And I cringed. My achievements became nothing. I buried my desire to sing, to perform, to step on a stage and be the guiding light…

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Wows at the Odyssey

Ultimately the best part is actress Phyllis Blanford, who delivers impressive contribution.

Stuns in Italy

She closes an amazing musical series called Musical Encounters: Italy – USA Connection.

Enchants in Ravello

Phyllis performs with Chicago Beau in an Italian square at midnight.

Dazzles at the Opera “Rosa”

“I am the Noisy-Rowdy.” After the applause Phyllis Blanford provides a remarkable encore at the opera Rosa.

Breathtaking in Canelli

In a concert to crown the success of the fourth season of “Concerts Riccadona” sings Phyllis Blanford.

Striking in Frankfurt

A striking performance in a Frankfurt theater with a group of strong women.

Exposé in Amsterdam

Expose is about the loving relationship between two women, who both lost a friend. The loss had such a strong impact on the lives of Betsy and Phyllis that they had to reassess their own existence.

Releases New Album

Bold, enchanting, pure, raw, real. Phyllis’s new album will sweep you off your feet and take you places far away from here.